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Loaded with shooter-friendly features the release head of the Nano is a full 30-percent smaller than Hot’s Shot’s flagship index finger release, the Infinity. By trimming the fat the Nano results in a compact, user friendly design that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, that’s also less obtrusive in the field.

Using Hot Shots “Lever-Link” trigger the Nano affords less trigger creep for a crisp shot and precise trigger pull upon every shot. This stronger and more reliable actuating mechanism features less friction than traditional roller bearings and provides little opportunity for dirt and debris to enter the release and affect function. As with all Hot Shot index finger release aids the trigger and internal components are comprised of a proprietary alloy that is essentially “self lubricating”, a feature that further promotes ultra-smooth function from this micro-masterpiece. Don’t let a small name fool you into thinking the this release lacks top end characteristics.

The Nano’s trigger tension and travel is easily adjustable by way of a single allenhead set screws. For those moments that necessitate a speedy hookup with precise string alignment the Nano features Hot Shot’s Cat’s Eye hook that ensures you can get on your string without complication at the moment of truth. An improved nylon tether system utilizes Hot Shot’s new and improved synch-plate system that eliminates release head slippage and promotes greater ability to adjust your releases distance to your exact specification and position. Bolstering three strap options - Black Leather Buckle, Lost Camo Buckle, and Black Leather Velcro the Nano is versatile in it’s fit and function with an option to suit any bowhunter out there. This release may be small but it’s  performance is big and ready to prove itself in the field this season.

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