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Tip: Always have your netting hang loose for the best stopping power. Never use the netting to protect people or valuables.

*Attention: The Easton X10 and Carbon Express Nano - the two fastest and thinest arrows on the market today - can't be stopped by this netting.


The JVD Netting Ultra Strong is the strongest netting on the market. This netting is not intended to be shot at directly, but serves as extra protection behind archery targets. Although that it is ultra strong netting, it might not stop all arrows. This depends on the bow and arrow used and the distance to the target / netting.*


  • The height of the Ultra Strong netting is 1.80m (in comparison: the Standard and Extra Strong netting have a height between 2.85 - 3.20m).
  • The lengths vary from 3m, 4m, to 5m.
  • The Ultra Strong netting stops more arrows than the Extra Strong netting, because of the denser structure (higher density).
  • The Ultra Strong netting weighs +/- 1,000 gr./m2 (compared to +/- 500 gr./m2 of the Extra Strong netting and +/- 300 gr./m2 of the Standard one).
  • The netting is supplied with steel cable and rings.

*Attention: The Easton X10 and Carbon Express Nano - the two fastest and thinest arrows on the market today can't be stopped by this netting.

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