4 foot blowgun


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In the open field, the Cold Steel Big Bore Blowguns are easy to carry. They're relatively light in weight and, because they come with rubber ferrule, they make an excellent hiking staff. If, on the other hand you need to pack them or strap one to your pack, you might find things getting a little awkward.

The problem of making blowguns into a practical item that people can pack with the rest of their gear has vexed the engineers at Cold steel for a while now... but, at last, they have a solution. They took their popular five-foot gun and re-configured it as a "take-down" model. It has two tubes that are about two and half feet long with threaded joints and reinforcing coupling tube for strength. It's equal of the regular five-foot model in terms of stiffness, accuracy and long-range performance, but has the added advantage of being easy to pack and transport.

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