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The Killer Instinct® SWAT™ XP is an ultra-compact 27-inch crossbow that shoots a fierce 415 FPS with unmatched balance, control and accuracy. Speed: 415FPS Net weight: 7.2lbs Width cocked: 9.125" Width uncocked: 14.125" The enclosed 360-degree revolutionary design provides greater guidance and support to reduce the amount of crossbolt oscillation and improve the flight trajectory of bolts at high speeds regardless of broadhead selection. The string rides free floating to increase power and reduce drag wear on the serving. The Broadhead Cage™ at the end of the Accutac Barrel traps the bolt and broadhead within the riser for improved safety and eliminates any mistake of bumping a bolt off track. The high energy power stroke utilizes the full length of the bow to maximize speed. The center balance design reverses the standard ‘nose-heavy’ crossbow feel for greater control and steadiness when shouldered

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